As today’s modern organisations grow their physical infrastructure footprint they have two choices: scale-up or scale-out. Scaling up necessitates procuring ever increasingly powerful servers or storage devices. This reflects a more traditional enterprise model but there are issues with this strategy. In a world of cloud, big data or distributed storage, the scaling problems become clear. With scaling up you have to rely on server manufacturers to produce faster and faster hardware to enable you to grow your business. Each single device can become an increasingly larger point of failure.

The alternative is to scale out: hyperscale. Hyperscale computing is a distributed computing environment where the volume and workload expected of the system can grow enormously, but still be serviced with standard servers. It is this ability to use commodity hardware that makes hyperscaling so appealing. Being able to seamlessly provision memory, compute, networking, or whatever the bottleneck might be, is king. It drives cost right down.

Hyperscale datacenters can have millions of virtual servers and accommodate increased computing demands without requiring extra physical space, cooling or electrical power. If you are running such a set-up you need a service partner that you can rely on.

Hyperscale IT can be exactly that partner. We are experts at both supplying and running hyperscale environments.

Experienced and committed to the hyperscale cause

Hyperscale IT are unique as we cater only for hyperscale supply and are completely committed to the cause. This means no expensive consultants that you need to pay for, regardless of whether you are using them or not.

Hyperscale IT is run by people that have years of experience of supplying hyperscale companies and of running hyperscale infrastructure. From this privileged vantage point, we truly know what the needs of a hyperscale system demand.

Our mission is:

“To create an automated supply chain that is seamless to customers’ everyday operations within the datacenter.”

We want to supply as little or as much as you need, exactly when and how you need it.

Our values are at the core of our operations

01 Partnership – Work together with the client

02 Listening – Understand exactly what the client wants

03 Deliver – Deliver what is promised

04 Transparency – Always be open and honest

05 Costs – Keep cost down but never at the expense of quality

With worldwide logistics, Hyperscale IT is your single point of contact for all regional, national and global spare parts requirements. We live and breath provisioning, so contact us today on +44 (0)207 5145683 or