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Aegis Data partners with Open Compute Project provider Hyperscale IT

Aegis Data has entered into an agreement with data centre hardware firm Hyperscale IT, which is providing it with access to Open Compute hardware services. The partnership will allow Aegis Data’s customers to significantly benefit from greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership when it comes to fulfilling their compute needs.

The Open Compute Project (OCP), which is now in its fifth year, releases open source hardware which has been designed without legacy constraints. The focus of the project is on computing scalability for the lowest total cost. This has led to a reanalysing of all aspects of a server ecosystem, leading to improvements in everything from energy efficiency to reliability. As the initiative has progressed, so has the portfolio of products made available.

Hyperscale IT are a hardware reseller and integrator that specialise in white box and open compute server configurations. With years of experience in the hyperscale industry, its interest in High Performance Computing (HPC) capabilities led it to approaching Aegis Data due to its knowledge and expertise in the field.

Increasingly, data centres are being asked to support denser configurations when it comes to power and cooling, which can rapidly outstrip the capabilities of their mechanical and electrical infrastructure. Aegis Data has looked to address this demand through its purpose built, state-of-the-art facility, with data halls specifically engineered to deliver the high-density power and cooling required by these next generation platforms.

The agreement with Hyperscale IT now allows Aegis Data access to customised server racks, which have the ability to support the higher power densities needed in HPC and hyperscale environments. Hyperscale IT’s customers can now benefit from access to a facility which has the scalability and flexibility to support their needs and ultimately future-proof their business.

Aegis Data logoGreg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data commented: “At Aegis Data, we saw this as a really unique opportunity to partner with an organisation driving one of the most exciting initiatives in the IT space. Our business model is built around providing support for customers demanding higher density power and cooling capabilities, which aren’t attainable in traditional data centre models.

“As organisations are increasingly being forced to carry and process unprecedented volumes of data, whether it be social, mobile, analytics or cloud, this is likely to only heighten the demand for HPC environments and that is why it is imperative we do our upmost to future-proof our offering. Hyperscale IT’s knowledge and understanding of the OCP landscape means they are perfectly placed to support this and provide us with the necessary hardware to complement our HPC environment.”

Hyperscale IT LtdJames Bailey, Director from Hyperscale IT commented: “The OCP initiative is providing progressive hardware that allows organisations to reduce overheads in their IT infrastructure. Ultimately, businesses’ compute requirements are changing and it’s important the IT industry reacts to this.

“Much like what the open-source community did for software, OCP is reshaping hardware in order to provide businesses with customisable kit to scale and fit with their desired requirements. Aegis Data applies that same thought process via its HPC services and that is why we instantly knew they would be a good fit for our business. We are very excited about the long-term prospects of this relationship.”


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