DatacenterDynamics Zettastructure showcasing OCP

Aegis Data, a provider of highly resilient and optimised data centre environments and colocation services, will be linking forces with data centre hardware firm Hyperscale IT to demonstrate the huge potential of the Open Compute Project (OCP) at the DatacenterDynamics Zettastructure Summit on 1st – 2nd November 2016. Aegis Data will be showcasing the technology on stand 140.

The OCP has developed a wide portfolio of open source hardware products, which have been designed in a collaborative manner and without legacy constraints to support the ever-increasing demands on compute infrastructure. Aegis Data recently entered into an agreement with Hyperscale IT, enabling it to access Open Compute hardware services and to therefore deliver greater flexibility and lower total cost of ownership to its customers – the only proposition to deliver OCP ready hardware in the data centre in Europe. The Datacenterdynamics Zettastructure Summit is focused on innovation within the data centre, and the OCP is a key theme at this year’s event.

Zettastructure booth showing OCP hardwareGreg McCulloch, CEO of Aegis Data, comments: “The OCP is one of the most exciting initiatives in the IT space at the moment, and our partnership with Hyperscale IT reflects the benefits that Aegis Data sees from being part of this project. It’s a way of advancing the data centre model for the 21st century, a time when organisations are increasingly being forced to carry and process unprecedented volumes of data. Many predict that OCP will become part of mainstream hardware management, and we’re keen to share our ideas about how OCP can be leveraged to support the data centre of the future at the Summit. In that vein, we are also putting on the first OCP Awareness course in the world, in collaboration with Hyperscale IT and Data Centre Professional Development (DCPRO), on 28th February 2017. It’s a unique opportunity to not only hear the theory of OCP but to also see it in practice in a data centre.”

James Bailey, Director from Hyperscale IT, also commented on the joint appearance at the summit: “Our partnership is based on an alignment in approach – Aegis Data’s HPC services are designed to scale and fit with the requirements of its customers whilst reducing overheads. This echoes what the OCP initiative is doing for businesses’ hardware requirements with its customisable kit. By showcasing the technology at the summit, we’re hoping to inspire others in the industry with the possibilities that this innovative approach to hardware offers, and we hope to continue this with the OCP Awareness course.”


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