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Day one of the 2018 Open Compute Project summit

Despite rain attendance at the 2018 OCP summit was at an all time high with over 3000 delegates on day one. Having attended two years ago it was clearly a swelling audience for the keynote opening speech.

Pie chart showing OCP market share in 2017 at the OCP summitThe keynote kicked off announcing the results of independent research carried out by IHS Markit into OCP market share. In a nutshell ‘non-board member’ OCP revenue has tipped $1B in 2017 and accounted for roughly 1% of market share. Market share in this case includes servers, storage, switches, racks and power. This number is expected to grow to around 4% by 2021. Around 3/4 of the revenue comes from servers. Growth rates per region as follows: US CAGR = 47%, APAC CAGR = 103% and EMEA CAGR = 70%.

Microsoft took to the stage to update on their projects. Project Denali is the disaggregation of flash storage. MS proposed that current ‘black box’ SSDs do not suit the one size fits all approach to cloud scale rollouts. By disaggregating some functionality of a disk out flexibility can be regained by a software defined approach.

Microsoft's project Denali SSD diagram

You also gain agility for new architectures such as NAND. They label this as the first generation cloud SSD.

Project Cerberus is another Microsoft led initiative, a security platform for server hardware that makes your servers NIST 800-193 compliant. It is a hardware root of trust for your firmware on the motherboard including but not limited to UEFI BIOS, BMC and peripheral I/O devices. It is also CPU and I/O vendor agnostic.

It was announced at the OCP summit today that the The Linux Foundation and OCP are forming a joint collaboration to further the development of software and hardware based open source networking. Another huge announcement was the work around 400G cloud networks but more on that in another post.

The above are some of the many new initiatives and collaborations that are going on within OCP. But tomorrow is another day and jet lag is getting the better of me.

OCP summit main hall

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