Liteon Power Shelf in OCP racksolutions enclosure

Observations on delivery and unpacking of an OCP Open Rack

Earlier this year Hyperscale IT received a RackSolutions OCP Open Rack enclosure. The rack was delivered to Aegis Data, our partnering OCP-compatible datacentre. The following post details some of our findings around the unpacking and installation of the cabinet.

Open rack delivery and unpacking

Open Rack packaged in the datacentre

1) The delivery company did not have the correct type of tail lift, as it tilted when lowered and didn’t have any barriers to help prevent the cabinet from tipping over and falling off.  Four people where needed on hand to steady the cabinet as it was lowered, so we would highlight this as a H&S risk. It also takes up unnecessary extra man power on site.

2) There was no ramp included in the packaging to assist with taking the rack off the pallet and onto the slab; it required three of us to gently manoeuvre it off the pallet.  To improve on this situation, in future either a ramp should be  included in the packaging or the colo should be aware that a ramp will need to be supplied when taking delivery and therefore has one ready for use.

Unbolting the Open Rack from the delivery pallet3) The Open Rack was bolted to the pallet which is a good design feature.

4) The internal goods lift has a maximum weightOCP Open Rack in goods lift limit of 1500 kg, so if a large number of fully populated (heavy) racks were delivered to the data centre, and they needed to be delivered to the first floor, then the time to carry out the placement of cabinets could be quite lengthy.

5) The door locking mechanism for both front and back doors seems flimsy and poorly designed and thus might be prone to high MTBF rates.

To reduce the amount of risk of harming personnel and damaging IT gear in points 1) and 2), the best solution would be to use a specialist ‘white glove’ delivery company to take the responsibility of getting the cabinet from the lorry to the slab, remove and take away all packaging material, and then place the rack in position in the white space.

Here is a video montage of receiving and unpacking an OCP Open Rack.

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