Maintain your systemsHyperscale IT supply hdd for enterprise servers

The bottom line is: you need parts and, over time, some can fail. Whether it be hard drive replacements or RAM for an upgrade, ordering and returns can be time consuming. We can remove that hassle by handling your warranty calls and orders. Contact us today to find out more.

We supply only OEM-approved spare parts to ensure maximum compatibility and protect vendor warranties (where appropriate). We also carry a full inventory of post-warranty data storage parts to keep older equipment running in good-as-new condition. So do not waste time, let us handle it for you. Some legacy parts can now be replaced with modern counterparts that are more reliable. For example floppy disk drives.

Know yourself better

We work closely with you, so we can supply you with order history and predictive future spend, even letting you know when historically large spending periods are coming up.


Server part price tracker

We’ve also developed a handy tool to monitor the average daily prices of common server parts from multiple global suppliers. As prices can fluctuate daily, our server part price tracker can help you decide when’s the best time to place your order for maximum value for money.


OEM 16gig dimm average

Branded 16gig dimm average