Hyperscale IT supply enterprise hardware

Servers are the building blocks of any system. Without the raw materials in place, your production halts. This is especially true with hyperscale environments where your system can grow steadily or erratically. We have close links with all major vendors, giving us good lead times. Crucially it also gives us important escalation points for product updates or issues. We supply new retail packaged servers.

Black box (Branded)

We supply black box servers

Open compute

We supply OCP servers
Penguin Computing

White box

We supply white box servers

Hyperscale IT cater for all sizes and budgets. For this reason we are able to supply remarketed or refurbished machines also. These servers usually are still under the original manufacture warranty.


Hardware integration

We are able to offer hardware assembly and rack integration. This is right down to little tweaks such as custom labelling. You can have racks completed to your specification delivered right to your datacentre. At Hyperscale IT we have many years’ experience of this. Contact us today for more information.



When your hardware is at the end of it’s life you can trade trade it in. We deal with asset recycling and secure data erasure.