ONIE-INSTALL(8)                                                  Cumulus Commands                                                 ONIE-INSTALL(8)

       onie-install - stages a Cumulus Linux installer for later installation

       onie-install [-s] [-i <installer path>] [-z <ztp path>] [-c] [-a] [-f] [-n]

       This command is used to stage a Cumulus Linux installer for later installation.  The path to the installer can take the following forms:
       · local file path (absolute or relative path OK)
       · http://server/path/...
       · https://server/path/...
       · scp://user@server/path/...
       · ftp://server/path/... [anonymous only]
       With the '-z' option the command will also stage a Zero Touch Provisioning (ztp) script along with the installer.
   Example - Staging an installer hosted on a HTTP server:
       Use the -i option to stage an installer image:
          cumulus@cumulus:~$ sudo onie-install -i
       Note:  At this point the image is only 'staged' for later install.  To activate the installer requires using the '-a' option and entails a reboot.
   Example - Staging an installer and a ztp script hosted on a HTTP server:
       Use the -z option to also stage a Zero Touch Provisioning (ztp) script:
          cumulus@cumulus:~$ sudo onie-install -i \
       In this example the installer image is downloaded as in the previous example.  In addition, the ztp script specified by the  -z  <URL>  is staged along with the installer image.
       If the ztp script URL does not exist the command fails and no files are staged.
   Example - Activate the staged installer
       Use the -a option to activate the installer image during the next boot:
          cumulus@cumulus:~$ sudo onie-install -a
          WARNING: This will wipe out all system data
          WARNING: Make sure to back up your data
          Are you sure (N/y)? y
          Activating staged installer...done.
          Reboot required to take effect.
   Example - Stage and activate installer with no questions asked
       It is possible to combine the -i, -z and -a options all at once.  In addition the -f (force) option will suppress the yes/no question:
          cumulus@cumulus:~$ sudo onie-install -fa \
                                  -i \
          Staging installer image... Adding ZTP script...done.
          Activating staged installer...done.
          Reboot required to take effect.

       -s     Status: Display any pending install operations.  This is the default if no other operations are specified.
       -i     Install: Stage an installer specified by the installer path.
       -z     Zero  Touch  Provisioning:  Stage a Cumulus ZTP script specified by the ztp path.  This option can only be used in conjunction with
              the -i option.  See the examples.
       -c     Cancel: Cancel any previously staged installer.  This is used to undo a previous -i operation.
       -a     Activate:  Activate a previously staged installer.
              WARNING: This is a destructive operation.  Back up your data first.
              This option activates a previously staged installer image.  A reboot is required to complete the operation.
       -f     Force:  Force the operation.  Assumes "yes" to any questions the script might ask.
       -n     Dry run.  Show what would happen, but do not actually modify anything.
       -h     Show this help message.
       -v     Be verbose.


       Copyright 2016 Cumulus Networks, Inc.  All rights reserved.

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