OCP Wedge - TOR network switch


The Wedge was open sourced in 2015 and is a top-of-rack (TOR) network switch. The hardware was released alongside FBOSS the Linux based software for controlling switches. FBOSS is available, as you might imagine on github. This combination strive to look and feel much more like a server. This enables deployment, monitoring and control to be uniform across all hardware in an OCP data centre. It uses the “Group Hug” architecture for modular microservers. It is comprised of:

  • “Group Hug” board
  • 40Gb switching ASIC
  • Sixteen 40Gb network ports
  • Dual power supplies
  • Fans

Six pack

Also released in 2015, Six Pack is a modular switch platform it uses  the Wedge as its basic building blocks. It is a full mesh non-blocking two-stage switch that includes 12 independent switching elements. Each element can switch 1.28Tbps. You can either have have 16x40GE ports on the front and 16x40GE to the back or use it for aggregation and expose all 1.28T to the back. Each element runs its own operating system on the local server and is completely independent from the switching aspects and the low-level board control and cooling system. Thus any part, either software or hardware can be modified with no overall system impact.


Six Pack - OCP networking


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