Open Rack is one of the components within the Open Compute Project. Open Rack sets out technical specifications for the custom racks needed to house Open Compute hardware. It is the first rack standard actually designed for data centers.

Open Rack principles

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The principles of the project adhere to the following:

  • Installation and service operations are located in the cold aisle
  • Data cables are located on the front of the rack to improve technician access
  • Component faults are identifiable from the front
  • Routine service does not require tools
  • Non-recyclable components are minimized
  • Designs are vanity free
  • Racks are integrated directly into the data center air containment solutions

These principles have resulted in numerous changes to the standard Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA) 19-inch rack format which was first established in 1934.

A principle difference is the use of wider hardware by whilst retaining the same data center footprint. This allows for improved airflow, greater energy efficiency, and better space utilization. For example, the wider equipment bay allows for hardware with three motherboards or five 3.5-inch disk drives side by side within a single chassis.

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