Hyperscale IT monitor daily the prices of thousands of server parts from multiple global feeds. The below graphs show high-level trends of historical prices (in GBP) for common server parts.

Please note: since the graphs show the average price, they do not necessarily reflect the price we can supply them for on any given day.

Hyperscale price tracker Chrome extension

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Server memory price trend graphs

Each line represents different types of component part and shows the average price across all feeds. There are separate graphs for OEM and Branded parts. Click on the coloured buttons next to the individual part types to select or de-select them.

OEM 2gig dimm average

Branded 2gig dimm average

OEM 4gig dimm average

Branded 4gig dimm average

OEM 8gig dimm average

Branded 8gig dimm average

OEM 16gig dimm average

Branded 16gig dimm average

OEM 32gig dimm average

Branded 32gig dimm average

Branded 64gig dimm average

If you would like additional information or data that you do not see on this page, contact us on +44 (0)207 5145683 or info@hyperscaleit.com and we will be happy to supply it to you where possible.