Dell starts DSS a new business unit

Sub-hyperscale is a thing, thanks to Dell

2015 saw Dell strengthen its commitment to hyperscale customers, well ‘almost’ hyperscale customers. Before we go into that, first a tiny bit of history. Eight years ago Dell created Data Centre Solutions (DCS). DCS set about designing and building solutions tailor-made for scale-out datacentre environments: hyperscale. This has set them up as a major player in this arena and today DCS supports some major hyperscale customers like Amazon, Google and Facebook.

Dell love you, even if you are not the biggest hyperscaler

DCS cannot cover all though, so back in August 2015 Dell announced a new business under its Enterprise Solutions organisation called Datacentre Scalable Solutions (DSS). This business was created to service the growing market of service providers, telecoms and web tech businesses. Essentially, the customers that consume a high volume of technology, but not quite at hyperscale levels. They recognised that these businesses, whilst smaller, still have similar modes of operation and needs. These needs chiefly being: agility, scalability, and repeatable processes.

This was a smart move, as the ‘sub-hyperscale’ market is the fastest growing sector in the datacentre space right now. The estimated volume of x86 servers is growing three times, or around 14% a year, faster than the traditional markets.

DSS will now sit alongside DCS under the new umbrella organisation Dell Extreme Scale Infrastructure (ESI). This was announced back in December last year. As one big happy family, DSS and DCS will be able to share best practices and learnings with each other.

However, this has apparently not been clear to some. Dell’s James Mouton, the new VP and general manager, mentioned in passing, “What needed to be better communicated to customers, however, is that DCS and DSS is one team.” There has been little detail on what is new about ESI, so it does seem more like a pure organisational change at this time. Either way, it will be interesting to see what comes out of these changes at Dell Towers.

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