Open Compute Summit 2016

What to expect at the US Open Compute Summit 2016

Hyperscale IT will be attending the Open Compute Summit in California next week. Held on 9-10 March at the San Jose Convention Center, this will be the 7th Summit-type event. Set clocks to PST time!

Who should attend the Open Compute Summit?

Recent summit attendees came from the technology sector in addition to finance, government, and consulting. These attendees represent executive-level roles of vice president or higher, as well as IT directors and managers. The ethos of the event is split into two camps: one is focused on rapid technical development of the platform, and the other is ramping up adoption.

The Open Compute (OCP) community meets at the summit to discuss the latest developments. There will be a chance to hear from speakers and panels, get the latest announcements, view demonstrations, visit booths, and network with others in the community.

OCP Summit talks

This year promises a packed schedule of product news and partnership announcements given by leaders from a range of industries. The opening keynote presentation will be given by Jason Taylor, president and chairman of OCP and VP of infrastructure at Facebook, who will discuss the state of OCP and the development of technology that will help to enable new waves of OCP gear adoption.

Jay Parikh, VP of Engineering at Facebook, and Jason Waxman, VP & GM for the Cloud Platforms Group at Intel, will each speak about their new contributions to innovation in the OCP ecosystem, as well as the use cases to demonstrate the impact of open hardware.

Mark Russinovich, CTO of Azure at Microsoft, will speak about the advantages of taking an open approach to cloud computing, as well as Microsoft’s work in contributing their innovations to open compute.

The telecommunications industry is embracing open technologies in a big way, and to reflect the growth of the newly formed OCP Telco Project, there will be a panel discussion featuring Ken Duell, Assistant VP at AT&T; Daniel Brower, VP of Business Development at Deutsche Telekom; Kang-Won Lee, SVP of R&D at SK Telecom; and Mahmoud El Assir, SVP and CIO – Global Technology Services at Verizon.

Peter Winzer, Ph.D and Head of the Optical Transmission Systems and Networks Research Department at Bell Labs will be talking about the importance of bringing innovation to challenges like optical communications and capacity scaling for datacentres.

OCP Summit hardware hackathons

During the summit there will be a two-day OCP hardware hackathon, consisting of 2 tracks. The first track will encompass all active hardware projects under the open compute project, which include server, storage, network, open rack and hardware management. The second track allows for hacking on hardware that is outside the existing active OCP projects.

Participants can win cash prizes of up to $10,000 to help seed their initial idea. These ideas will be presented on stage on the final day of the summit.

In previous years, actual circuit boards were fabricated on site. Example of projects are:

  • Creating a mesh network debugging tool
  • Extending robotics into the datacenter for lights-out operations
  • Fetching data from a car’s on-board diagnostic tool in real time
  • Reading driver’s brain waves to detect erratic and drowsy driving
  • Writing a BIOS configuration tool

Bear in mind that registration for the hackathon is free, but does not gain you entry to the main summit. Also it is limited to 100 places.


Platinum sponsors this year are Facebook and Intel. As you can see from the floor map below, there are many companies also sponsoring, including Microsoft, HP, QCT and Toshiba.

Open Compute Summit 2016 floor plan

For further information see the Open Compute Summit website.

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